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About LiveCrowds

LiveCrowds is a social media community specifically serving fans of live crowd events such as pro, college, high school and amateur sports, concerts, theatre and live comedy.

With LiveCrowds, sports and music fans can connect, collaborate and engage - online, through mobile devices and in person-in groundbreaking new ways.

The LiveCrowds community first chooses the teams, music artists and venues they want to follow. Fans then select games or concerts they plan to attend.

Immediately those fans can see friends and social contacts also attending, enter a chat specific to that event and plan their pre-event meet up. During the event, the LiveCrowds mobile app connects fans with live event streams, in-game real-time contests for prizes and fan experiences, stats, set lists and more.

LiveCrowds also empowers crowds to do more than just passively sit in their seats. Through groundbreaking new features like the LiveCrowds SmartStrobe™, crowds can express themselves, in real time and in perfect synch, in ways never before possible. Rather than waiting for the scoreboard to prompt them, crowds can now support and connect with the teams and artists they are there to support, and they control the experience. Entire arenas can come alive with the power of the crowd, flashing the home team colors, in perfect unison.

After the event, the LiveCrowds personal page also allows users to keep a permanent online archive, including photos and videos, from every game and concert that they attend.

LiveCrowds brings the promise of social communities full circle. Before the internet, large crowd gatherings were the original means of connecting communities. Crowds joined in person and bonded over a shared experience. With LiveCrowds, everything that is so powerful about digital social networking blends seamlessly with that in-person crowd experience that is still a huge part of our lives.

LiveCrowds—Crowds, empowered!


While our hiring needs constantly change, LiveCrowds is always on the lookout for the best, brightest, coolest, most talented players to join our fast-growing team. Candidates interested in joining LiveCrowds should submit their resume to Due to the heavy volume of submissions, we will be unable to reply to all candidates but will definitely reach out when an appropriate fit opens up. Thanks for your interest in joining the LiveCrowds team!


LiveCrowds offers a limited number of internships, perfect for students interested in gaining valuable experience in the fields of social media or sports/event marketing. Additional details:
  • LiveCrowds is based in the SF Bay Area, however, all internships are designed to accommodate a work-from-home, remote-office structure.
  • Internships cover a range of categories, from sales/marketing to engineering/coding.
  • Interns meeting agreed-upon benchmarks for hours worked and strong performance will receive letters of recommendation from LiveCrowds
  • Interns may also achieve priority leadership status for the “LiveCrowds U” college program.
  • Interested candidates should submit resumes or simple letters outlining their reasons for interest and areas of focus to


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