LiveCrowds is a next evolution of the digital social media experience, first connecting members online and then, in unprecedented new ways, extending those connections once users turn off their computers and join together as an actual crowd.

At pro, college or high school sporting events, concerts and other crowd gatherings, technology has done incredibly little to elevate the experience - or connect the crowd.

LIVECROWDS changes all of that, in a truly big way.

With patent-pending mobile technology, the LiveCrowds community can now communicate, collaborate and get connected - with each other, with the artists or athletes they are all there to experience, with local merchants and with major brands/sponsors - in ways that have simply never been possible before.

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Users select their favorite crowd experiences – pro, college or high school teams, bands/singers, local venues, etc. When they decide to attend an upcoming event, they join a sub-community specific to that event. Immediately they can:

  • See who among their existing social contacts (Facebook, LinkedIn, email contacts, etc.) plan to attend the same event.
  • See the bars or restaurants where fellow fans plan to meet up. Create a sub-group of friends and plan their meet-up, from initial plan to the moment they arrive at the location.
  • Chat with fellow fans about the specific event they are all attending.
  • Compete with friends and fellow fans in games/contests (guess final score, stats, etc.) for prizes.


Members can continue their earlier meet-up connections with friends until they actually get together on site, using the mobile app. Through the LiveCrowds local merchant program, users will get exclusive drink/food specials at the bars/restaurants they choose as their meet-up spot. Once the event begins, the mobile app empowers the community by involving the users in the event experience:

  • Home team color strobe on their mobile screens.
  • Synchronized cheers and chants.
  • Real-time game stream, including sharing pictures, video, and comments from different fans throughout the venue.
  • Real-time games and contests (guess number of pitches next inning) for prizes.



League, Team, & Stadium Sponsors

  • NFL: $800 million ($25MM per team)
  • MLB: $500 million ($16.6MM per team)
  • NBA: $500 million ($16.6MM per team)
  • NHL: $200 million ($6.6MM per team)
  • NCAA: $846 million

Sponsorship Deals

  • Rev share sponsorships through pro sport team and league partners
  • Direct sponsorships/ad campaigns across all crowd categories based on demographic and audience targeting
  • Sponsored games and contests

Ticket, Merchandise, and Concession Sales

  • Pro Sports Gate Revenues (US): $22.8 Billion
  • Pro Sports Gate Revenues (Global): $47.9B
  • Pro Sports Merchandise Revenues (US): $15.6B
  • Pro Sports Merchandise Revenues (Global): $20.8B
  • Top 100 North American Concert Gate Revenues: $2.3B

Revenue Sharing

  • Rev share on tickets, merchandise, and concessions sold through LiveCrowds

Local Merchants Searching for New Customers

Merchant Subscriptions

  • Local merchant monthly subscription model
  • Sponsored games and contests




"We have a ton of sponsor money for social in our budget but there's nothing out there that's targeted enough."

"We've tried some social campaigns but they're not engaging or sticky. When the fans leave our stadium, we lose touch."

"We've got empty seats that we're willing to discount but it's costly to reach the fans after they've left our stadium."



LiveCrowds Sponsor Platform

LiveCrowds Check-In, LiveStrobe, and Contest

LiveCrowds Team Platform


"I have 40,000 people walking through my neighborhood on game day but they don't know we're here."

"We offer great deals after every game but how do we reach the fans without spending a fortune on advertising?"

"We sell licensed, high-quality souvenirs at great prices but it's tough to compete since our location gets less foot traffic."



LiveCrowds Merchant Platform

LiveCrowds Merchant Platform and Contests

LiveCrowds Merchant Platform


"I didn't know you were there. We should have hooked up before the game for some beers."

"We should catch the next game. Let's get a crew together and see if we can get a block of tickets."

"Great game. I wish I could put that one in a bottle and have that experience again."

"Can't we come up with some new cheers? I've heard these a million times."

"I have a different app for every team but they're pretty lame, they're all different, and they don't work together."



LiveCrowds Meet-Up, Chat, and Check-In

LiveCrowds Friends, Stadium View, and Check-In

LiveCrowds Pics & Clips and Game Archive

LiveCrowds Synchronized Cheers & Jeers

LiveCrowds Follow, Events, and LiveStrobe



  • 200 million Americans identify themselves as fans of professional football, baseball, basketball, or hockey.
  • Attendance at pro sports events is at record levels. 112,421,314 seats were sold for MLB, NFL, and NBA alone.
  • 25% of Americans already use smartphones for sports scores and game updates.
  • Sports fans tend to be young, affluent, and social. Fans on social networks are more likely to have at least 50 friends.


LiveCrowds has created a unique launch strategy, centered around building quick and massive adoption with an initial focus on colleges and high schools.

Tapping into massive interest in the social media category, LiveCrowds will offer college and high school students valuable experience with a social media start-up, as well as potential income through sales of LC sponsorships, through a unique intern program.

These students in turn will provide LC passionate evangelists and built-in street teams, driving adoption and usage on campus, generating revenue through sponsorships to local merchants, etc. The scale is nearly limitless and the cost to LC is minimal to non-existent.


As initial college viral adoption takes hold, more formal partnerships with pro leagues will fuel growth.

Concerts are an entirely separate growth category. Partnerships can be secured both with major touring acts and specific venues, tying the mobile features with stage light shows, bringing upgraded seating/back-stage passes as contest prizes and expanding meet-up tools.

Next: global expansion, with a focus on European soccer, overseas concerts, and the Olympics.

High schools and other regional, small-scale entities can join LiveCrowds experience through intuitive auto-signup functionality, expanding potential reach exponentially.

To schedule a demo of the LiveCrowds mobile and online experience, and discuss investment options, contact us.


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